Amara Grace is a prolific songwriter and composer with a deeply poetic and philosophical style. Her soulful songs reflect a profound understanding of the human condition as she shares intimate stories of love, loss, suffering, and awakening that resonate deeply in the hearts and souls of her audiences.


Amara's vocal delivery is uniquely expressive and compelling; her melodies and phrasings are haunting and indelible, lingering long after the last resonant note.


Amara has performed throughout the U.S. with residencies in Austin and Seattle, and appearances Los Angeles, Nashville, and Tokyo.  With a prolific catalog of original songs, she has also published a lyric book entitled Language of Earth and Heaven, available on Amazon.


Amara Grace has been one of music’s best-kept secrets and is now launching her universal messages of humanity on a grander global stage! Currently based in the bay area, Amara performs frequently, check out the CALENDAR page.