“Amara's songs bear in a much needed idealism but are rooted in the complex realities we face today. Compositionally, they are entirely distinctive. Her music is bluesy, in that her voice is powerful raw soul, jazzy, in that her piano style is improvisational and pop, in that her phrasings stay with you.”  -Susan Gleason, YES Magazine, Seattle, WA


“I have seen audiences mesmerized by the raw edged emotional intensity of her performances. The passion and vision of her vocal and piano work give intimacy a new authority.”  -Denise Aileen, Portland Film Co.


“About every 20 years an artist comes along who reaches deep inside herself for a song and then delivers that song deep inside the hearts of her audience. The result is a new sound, a new passion, an authenticity.” –Eric Zanetis, Producer/Publisher, Nashville


“Amara sings with a deep and powerful voice that touches you to your core. A one of a kind entertainer.”  -Elfa, Owner, The Conway Muse, Conway, WA


“An amazing voice for such a soft spoken person. Very talented singer/songwriter. I am very impressed with her virtuosity.”  -Mike Hansen, Washington Sips, La Conner, WA


 “With a voice that literally IS the gospel, Amara Grace sings, bellows, and whispers songs of pain, love, truth, and hope. You’ve never heard – or felt – anything like this before.”  -Sophie Hannibal, La Muse Media